Sunday, September 18, 2011

Words of Wyatt

(looking through a book about barn animals)
Wyatt: "I like horses.  I like cows.  I like sheep.  I like dogs.  (pause) I don't like chickens.  I like cats.  I like goats."

About 18 months ago, Wyatt had an apparently traumatic incident with a chicken.  That chicken has since been made into soup, but he still holds a grudge.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lyrical Lydia

We all love the movie Tangled here.  Espcially Liddy.  So much in fact that my darling 2 1/2 year old daughter who doesn't have more than 100 words in her vocabulary can say "simpatico" complete with air quotes.  Frying pans-who knew, right?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Super Big Picture Post! Early 2011

 The kids playing on the slide on one of our trips to Artic Circle.  This place was nice during the winter because it was close, indoors, big and got their wiggles out.
 One of the first warmish days we had, they insisted on a picnic outside.  They are eating mac and cheese.
 On Sunday afternoon.  And I promise, this picture is not staged!  I walked into the living room and they were all sound alseep on top of each other!  Jeremy sure is a good daddy!
 I was cleaning out the kitchen and the little found these plastic margarita glasses.  They wanted their juice in them.
 Ace loves ice cream!
 My boys!
 I am always finding Lydia in weird places like this.  And with a dirty face.  That girl cannot keep clean!
 She also has taken to making her bed in weird random places.  I also find little beds for dolls everywhere too.  Like, in the kid's training potty.
 Wyatt has a hard time going to sleep by himself.  So we started locking him in his room at night.  At the beginning of this, he would always fall asleep by the door, and we would move him to bed.  This night, he fell asleep propped up in the corner.  Poor kid!  He is sleeping much better now.
 We were all being silly one night before bed and I drew smiley faces on their tummies.  Wyatt thought it was AWESOME!
Wyatt and his best friend Graham.  I have watched Graham all year long.  These two are only a few months apart in age and get along so great!  They are also the trouble twins and have wreaked havoc on many a thing.  It is so fun to see these to together.

Let's Go Fly a Kite!

 At the Idaho Falls Kite Flying Festival!  It was a perfectly windy day to take our kites to Sandy Downs and test out our kite flying skills.  They had a professional company of kite flyers there showing off their HUGE fancy kites and doing some trick kite flying, so it was a lot of fun to see them do their stuff.
 But we didn't do too bad either!  Aidan was pretty good at it!  He kept this kite up for a while, until the wind died down.  Unfortunately, Wyatt wouldn't even try.  He did like watching all the kites.  There was a dog one there that he loved!  Lydia even kept her kite up for a little bit! 
All the kids there also got these pinwheels too.  It was a really fun day!  We hope to see you there next year!


 Their Easter clothes.  Wyatt was being a little stubborn today.  And I love Lydia's bows!
The Easter bunny came to the Barnes house on Saturday morning.  For several reasons.  I didn't want the sugar high to happen right before we attended Sacrament meeting, I didn't want to have to pry them away from their toys when we just barely gotten them and we really wanted to keep an empahsis on the meaning of Easter and why we celebrate it for that Sunday.
 The kids each got their own chair and Easter basket.  They all got a Butterfly Habitat to share.  We are going to send away for the catepillers very soon so we can see them grow!
 Major candy haul!  I love doing their Easter baskets-I color code everything.  Lydia gets pink stuff, Wyatt gets blue and Aidan gets green! 
 Of course, Wyatt got lots of Thomas things.
 We also had a small Easter egg hunt with just us 5.  We have some cute plastic eggs in the shape of animals that we have had since Aidan's first Easter, so we filled those up and hid them in the backyard.  Thankfully, it was a beautiful day.
 Wyatt REALLY got into the Easter egg finding groove.

 My silly kids.  Lydia was NOT into the hunting, so she pretty much jumped on the trampoline while her brothers found her eggs.  She was, however, into the eating of the Easter egg candy.
 That night, we dyed eggs.  It was MESSY, but the kids loved every single second.  They kept wanted me to boil more eggs, but they don't like to eat hard boiled eggs, so it would just go to waste!  We need to think of something we can dye that wouldn't be a waste of food, because they could have painted for hours.
 I didn't want to stain their clothes, which is why everyone is stripped down to diapers (well, Aidan had his pants on, and Jeremy and I took the chance of getting dye on our clothes).
 The fruits of our labors.  They turned out really nice, I thought.
After the egg dying mess was cleaned up, we told the kids to get in their jammies and we were going to learn more about the reason we celebrate Easter.  We made Easter cookies.  Using scriptures, we made a cookie recipe (like meringue) that helped to illustrate what Christ went through.  We end the night by placing a sheet of cookies in a preheated oven and sealing it up with tape (to represent Jesus being sealed in the tomb).  No cookies are eaten.  The next morning, we removed the tape and talked about the Resurrection, as we ate the cookies.  It was a neat experience that I would like to repeat when the kids are a bit older.  Aidan got it, but the littles didn't.  We also watched Lamb of God before Church.  I was really glad we did the fun Easter stuff the day before.  It really brought the Spirit into our house and I think it made an impression on Aidan too.
After Church, we went out to the Barnes for our Easter dinner and egg hunt with them.  Again, Lydia did not get the egg hunt thing.  It was really beyond her, apparently.  So everyone just started to stick eggs in her basket, and she would say, "Ank Ooo!"  I think she got more eggs than everyone, even though she didn't do anything!
 She wouldn't even pick up this egg.  Silly little girl.
 Wyatt was EVERYWHERE!  He loved the egg hunts!  I am going to have to do that again this summer-some sort of hiding game.  He had a blast!
 Aidan had fun as well.  This was about half way through.  This was also his first year to be allowed to go with the big kids. 
We spread out all the eggs to give back to fill for next year (we were figuring there was about 750 eggs total!)  That was a whole lot of candy!

Happy Birthday Wyatt!

 On March 8, Wyatt turned 3!  (Yes, I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old.  Have mercy on me.)  He wanted trains, and trains it would be!
 I was actually ridiciously proud of this cake.  I thought it turned out super cute!
 And what did Wyatt get for his birthday?  Thomas the Train stuff, of course!  This kid loves Thomas.  The shirt he is wearing was for his birthday too.  He got Thomas play sets, Thomas books and movies, Thomas clothes.  Everything Thomas!
We took them to Artic Circle for his birthday dinner too.  He loved it!  What can I say about my sweet little boy (other than his obsession with trains)?  His favorite color is blue, his favorite food is cereal and if we let him, he would be outside 24/7.  Our Wyatt is very independent and knows what he wants, and few things deter him from getting his way.  Wyatt loves to go to nursery, and loves to sleep with all of his stuffed animals.  We love you so much Wyatt!  Our family wouldn't be the same without you!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Way back on February 21, Miss Liddy turned two!!!  My baby is really no longer a baby anymore.  I thought it would be sadder, but I am actually really excited to see them all growing up.  We always decorate their bedroom door with streamers and fill their rooms with balloons the night before so they wake up to a surprise!  Then they spend the day running through the streamers and playing with balloons.
Her ladybug cupcakes.  That I made myself!
She was all about opening her presents and blowing out her candles this year!
Her BIG present was a play kitchen that we found at DI for $10!  It was a big hit, especially with the play food and dishes she also recieved.
And books-of course she got books.  We still read these princess books all the time to her.
Her party was on a Sunday, so the 5 of us went out to Artic Circle for her actual birthday dinner the next night.  Everyone had a really good time.  They even got ice cream!
What else to say about our sweet Liddy Lou?  She loves shoes.  Loves them.  She is starting to really improve at talking (however, on her actual birthday, she wasn't really saying much) and really doesn't stop talking, even if you have no idea what she is saying.  Lydia can be VERY girly (wants her nails painted, her hair done, put on tiaras, loves to wear skirts and dresses) but will not hesitate to get down and dirty with the boys either.  She has a white kitty that she takes almost everywhere.  Lydia is also a wonderful dancer and loves music.  She dances everywhere, to everything.  Miss Liddy is really very easy going and says hi to everyone.  She also loves to color.  But she is also fiercely independent and always wants to get her way.  I guess just like any typical 2 year old!  We love you so much Princess!  I cannot wait to see the wonderful person you grow into!